The Spirited Project was created in 2012 with the mission to provide the space for like minded, down to earth, spirited people to explore, express and reconnect with their unique spirit. The project’s vision is to raise the vibration of the planet by upping the importance that we place on living from our authentic spirits. We’d love you to be part of it.


The Creators

The Spirited Project is a creation of Robyn Silverton and Rebecca Campbell. Together, they bridge the worlds of intuition, authenticity, bodywork, creativity and energy healing.
Rebecca is a Hay House author, intuitive and six sensory teacher who combines these skills to help people truly listen to their inner voice. She gets people back on their path of authenticity, encourages them to live courageously and work their light.

Rebecca’s spirit is lively, creative, spontaneous, decisive, courageous, adventurous, warm, entertaining, kind and mystical.

- Hay House Author
- Six Sensory Practitioner (Level 3), Six Sensory Teacher, Six Sensory Leader, Soul Realignment Practitioner (Level 2) and Angel Intuitive
- Creative Director
- BA Communication and International Marketing
- Awards including: TED, Creative Circle, D&AD, Marketing Society, Cannes Lions, Eurobest and British Arrows.
Robyn is a qualified physiotherapist, energy healer and yoga teacher with 30 years experience of guiding people to be at their best – in both health and happiness.

Robyn’s spirit is extremely powerful, adventurous, easy going, playful, bright, strong, kind hearted, nurturing, random, and funny.

- Physiotherapist
- Post graduate training in acupuncture and tissue release
- Qualified yoga teacher
- Sixth Sensory Practitioner and Angel Intuitive
- Independent Healthcare Awards Winner


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